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No Surprise in Riverside Municipal Court for Kansas City Chief’s Wide Receiver Dwayne Bowe,  Dwayne Bowe received the standard plea deal for marijuana possession and speeding from the City Prosecutor in Riverside, Missouri.  The KC Traffic Lawyer, Tim Tompkins has handled 100’s of Possession of marijuana charges in the municipal courts in Kansas City Metro area and on the Missouri side amended the Marijuana charge to littering is a common plea,deal.   My favorite deal is a dismissal of the Pot charge and paying a higher fine on the defective equipment charge, this also can be accomplished in many of the municipal courts on the Missouri side.  

However, if you smoke pot or in possession of Marijuana on the Kansas side of the State Line, it is a different story.  If Dwayne would have caught the Super X-Ray Plain View of an Overland Park Police Officer.  Dwayne would probably be entering a year long diversion program with drug classes and random drug testing and the expectation that he obey all laws and stay out of trouble for the year, if not, he would be convicted of Marijuana Possession serve a minimum of two days in jail and pay up to $1500 in fines and be on probation for the year with a suspended sentence of up to 180 days.  The above illustration is typical of the Kansas Municipal Court’s and State Court’s in Kansas.  

Why the discrepancy between Kansas & Missouri?  Why are some States legalizing Marijuana?  Why does Federal Law Classify Marijuana under SCHEDULE 1? The ultimate question What is God’s view on Marijuana and Pot smoking?

Questions, Questions, Questions, The KC Traffic Lawyer loves to answer your legal questions and to solve your criminal legal dilemmas.  

To answer your question all we have to answer is Does God have a view on Marijuana and if so WHAT IS IT?

i could go into a theological debate and list scriptures along with a deductive argument, but I am not, I am basically going to say a simple statement that I believe is both Biblical and a matter of indifference to God.

“If a person rolls a joint of marijuana in his own home and smokes the joint for enjoyment or medical use, it is NOT Sin.”

Hey KC Traffic Lawyer, I thought you where a Christian lawyer? how can you say such a statement?  

God has jurisdiction over the heart and His moral law states what is Sin, God

Dwayne Bowe Standard plea deal in Riverside Municipal Court

Dwayne Bowe Standard plea deal in Riverside Municipal Court

created Marijuana and it was good, just as He created all things, and he created the barley and wheat for our use, just as He created Marijuana, So smoking a joint in your own home or smoking a nice cigar is a matter of indifference to God.

However, having said that, when you put the human element into the situation the GRAY AREA happens, it is no longer Black and White.  So yes Marijuana he’s can be sin, illegal, and harmful, but in my statement above it is not.  Sir William Blackstone also agrees with me:  “By the absolute rights of individuals we mean those which are so in their primary and strictest sense; such as would belong to their persons merely in a state of nature, and which every man is entitled to enjoy whether out of society or in it.
But with regard to the absolute duties

Let a man therefore be ever so abandoned in his principles, or vicious in his practice, provided he keeps his wickedness to himself, and does not offend against the rules of public decency, he is out of the reach of human laws. But if he makes his vices public, though they be such as seem principally to affect himself, (as drunkenness, or the like) they then become, by the bad example they set, of pernicious effects to society; and therefore it is then the business of human laws to correct them.

Remember, if you are arrested and need legal help in regard to a Marijuana Charge in Kansas or Missouri Give Tim Tompkins a call at 913-707-4357 or 816-729-2606.