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KC Traffic Lawyer Top 10 Speed Traps


Drive Thru the Greater Kansas City area and you probably have been pulled over.  The only Metro area that has a State Line and it is a road, which dissects the Kansas City Area.  As a Traffic Lawyer, many people ask me where do I see the most tickets given by the over 50 police jurisdictions.

Here are the Top Ten Speed Traps starting with NUMBER 10 Here are Kansas City’s TOP TEN SPEED TRAPS:


9.  KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI,  Ward Parkway down the hill past 63rd Street heading into the Plaza.  No one can keep 35 mph speed down the hill where three or four cops write 40 tickets in a three hour stretch.

8.  PRAIRIE VILLAGE:   63rd Street from Mission Hills to Prairie Village, the 25 MPH zone is hard to keep and Prairie Village will pull you over for going 35 MPH.

7.  OLATHE:  Any School Zone especially School Row on 151st Street and any Work Zone, Olathe Police love handing out Work Zone Tickets.

6.  CITY OF RANDOLPH:  Randolph’s Municipal Court is in a Trailer close to Ameristar Casino and the speed limit in the City of Randolph is 20 MPH and they also hand out a lot of speeding tickets on MO 210 in their Jurisdiction.

5.  OVERLAND PARK, KS:  Anywhere on Antioch especially North Bound after the Bridge over I-435, the speed drops to 35 MPH from 45 MPH in fact I was pulled over twice in the same day on Antioch.

4.  KANSAS CITY, KS & WESTWOOD:  Rainbow Boulevard, in KCKS down the hill around the KU Medical School and in Westwood by their Courthouse.

3.  LONE JACK, MO:  City of Lone Jack annexed part of 50 Hiway so they could generate speeding ticket Revenue.

2.  INDEPENDENCE, MO:  Truman Road off I-435 the speed limit on Truman Road is 35 MPH and the City of Independence and the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department hand out 1,000 upon 1,000 of speeding tickets especially down the Hill by the Grave Yard on Truman Road.

1.  LAKE LOTAWANA, MO:  Do not speed in Lake Lotawana inside the city limits or on E. Colbern Road or on MO 7, Lake Lotawana hands out more speeding tickets to unsuspecting speeders on MO 7 and Colber Road.


If you have gotten Speed Trapped in the Greater Kansas City Area, Tim Tompkins the KC TRAFFIC LAWYER can help in Kansas call 913-707-HELP (4357) or in Missouri Call 816-729-2606.  I can get your speeding charge amended to a non-moving violation so nothing will appear on your driving record or effect your employment or insurance rates.  Tim Tompkins is the KC TRAFFIC LAWYER.