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Arrested For Solicitation or Paying For Sex Call KCTRAFFICLAWER

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The KCTRAFFICLAWYER, the Law Office of Timothy R. Tompkins handles all types of Misdemeanors in the Kansas City Metro Area, but one charge that is on the rise is Solicitation Charge or Patronizing a Prostitute. The following jurisdictions operate stings in the Kansas City Metro Area: Kansas City Missouri, Kansas City, Kansas, Lenexa, Kansas, Merriam, Kansas, Overland Park, Kansas, Independence, Missouri. The Kc Traffic Lawyer has represented clients in all the above jurisdictions on the charges of either Patronizing a prostitute or Solicitation. By far, the biggest sting operation is Kansas City, Missouri, followed by Overland Park, and there playbook is always the same. The Vice Squad places an ad in either Pitch Weekly’s or Craigslist or both. Here is a couple of ad headlines:


OPKS STING: NO MORE COLD SHOWERS…COME CHILL WITH JASMIE for an HOUR -w4m-19 (opk/johnson county** 1st Timer Friendly

Both ads represented prices that are either below or average for market pricing in Kansas City and both ads left the face to the imagination. Once the client arrives at the Hotel or aprtment, the Police decoy or informant tries to get the client to talk, Then after the conversation and the Police decoy believes that the illegal activity has been agreed upon or money has been placed on the nightstand or table, the Police Decoy heads to the bathroom to get more comfortable, while Police storm the room.

If you have been caught in this type of sting you need Legal experience that counts, call Timothy R. Tompkins at (913) 707-4357 or (816) 729-2606.

Remember my three commandments:

1. Avoid ads that are incall only and never show the face;

2. Remember if it is a legitimate provider, they know what you want, if she is asking a lot of questions run;

3. If the Police arrest you Remain Silent, anything you say can be used against you in a court of law.

Kansas City Missouri Solicitation, Overland Park patronizing a prostiutue, Kansas City, Kansas solicitation, Lenexa Patronizing a prostitute, Independence solicitation

Always avoid ads that say anything about 1st time for example No More Cold Showers . . . Come Chill with Jasmie (opk/johnson county** 1st Timer Friendly). Also, Lenexa & Overland Park are known to use known providers that have been previously arrested, so beware or give the KCTRAFFICLAWYER a call at (913) 707-4357.



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No Surprise in Riverside Municipal Court for Kansas City Chief’s Wide Receiver Dwayne Bowe,  Dwayne Bowe received the standard plea deal for marijuana possession and speeding from the City Prosecutor in Riverside, Missouri.  The KC Traffic Lawyer, Tim Tompkins has handled 100’s of Possession of marijuana charges in the municipal courts in Kansas City Metro area and on the Missouri side amended the Marijuana charge to littering is a common plea,deal.   My favorite deal is a dismissal of the Pot charge and paying a higher fine on the defective equipment charge, this also can be accomplished in many of the municipal courts on the Missouri side.  

However, if you smoke pot or in possession of Marijuana on the Kansas side of the State Line, it is a different story.  If Dwayne would have caught the Super X-Ray Plain View of an Overland Park Police Officer.  Dwayne would probably be entering a year long diversion program with drug classes and random drug testing and the expectation that he obey all laws and stay out of trouble for the year, if not, he would be convicted of Marijuana Possession serve a minimum of two days in jail and pay up to $1500 in fines and be on probation for the year with a suspended sentence of up to 180 days.  The above illustration is typical of the Kansas Municipal Court’s and State Court’s in Kansas.  

Why the discrepancy between Kansas & Missouri?  Why are some States legalizing Marijuana?  Why does Federal Law Classify Marijuana under SCHEDULE 1? The ultimate question What is God’s view on Marijuana and Pot smoking?

Questions, Questions, Questions, The KC Traffic Lawyer loves to answer your legal questions and to solve your criminal legal dilemmas.  

To answer your question all we have to answer is Does God have a view on Marijuana and if so WHAT IS IT?

i could go into a theological debate and list scriptures along with a deductive argument, but I am not, I am basically going to say a simple statement that I believe is both Biblical and a matter of indifference to God.

“If a person rolls a joint of marijuana in his own home and smokes the joint for enjoyment or medical use, it is NOT Sin.”

Hey KC Traffic Lawyer, I thought you where a Christian lawyer? how can you say such a statement?  

God has jurisdiction over the heart and His moral law states what is Sin, God

Dwayne Bowe Standard plea deal in Riverside Municipal Court

Dwayne Bowe Standard plea deal in Riverside Municipal Court

created Marijuana and it was good, just as He created all things, and he created the barley and wheat for our use, just as He created Marijuana, So smoking a joint in your own home or smoking a nice cigar is a matter of indifference to God.

However, having said that, when you put the human element into the situation the GRAY AREA happens, it is no longer Black and White.  So yes Marijuana he’s can be sin, illegal, and harmful, but in my statement above it is not.  Sir William Blackstone also agrees with me:  “By the absolute rights of individuals we mean those which are so in their primary and strictest sense; such as would belong to their persons merely in a state of nature, and which every man is entitled to enjoy whether out of society or in it.
But with regard to the absolute duties

Let a man therefore be ever so abandoned in his principles, or vicious in his practice, provided he keeps his wickedness to himself, and does not offend against the rules of public decency, he is out of the reach of human laws. But if he makes his vices public, though they be such as seem principally to affect himself, (as drunkenness, or the like) they then become, by the bad example they set, of pernicious effects to society; and therefore it is then the business of human laws to correct them.

Remember, if you are arrested and need legal help in regard to a Marijuana Charge in Kansas or Missouri Give Tim Tompkins a call at 913-707-4357 or 816-729-2606.


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Mission Kansas writes more speeding tickets per capita than any other city in Kansas City.  If you have received a ticket in Mission or any other City in the Greater Kansas City Area, Call Tim Tompkins the KC TRAFFIC LAWYER Today.

Kansas:  Call 913-707-HELP (4357)

Missouri:  Call 816-729-2606


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KC Traffic Lawyer Top 10 Speed Traps


Drive Thru the Greater Kansas City area and you probably have been pulled over.  The only Metro area that has a State Line and it is a road, which dissects the Kansas City Area.  As a Traffic Lawyer, many people ask me where do I see the most tickets given by the over 50 police jurisdictions.

Here are the Top Ten Speed Traps starting with NUMBER 10 Here are Kansas City’s TOP TEN SPEED TRAPS:


9.  KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI,  Ward Parkway down the hill past 63rd Street heading into the Plaza.  No one can keep 35 mph speed down the hill where three or four cops write 40 tickets in a three hour stretch.

8.  PRAIRIE VILLAGE:   63rd Street from Mission Hills to Prairie Village, the 25 MPH zone is hard to keep and Prairie Village will pull you over for going 35 MPH.

7.  OLATHE:  Any School Zone especially School Row on 151st Street and any Work Zone, Olathe Police love handing out Work Zone Tickets.

6.  CITY OF RANDOLPH:  Randolph’s Municipal Court is in a Trailer close to Ameristar Casino and the speed limit in the City of Randolph is 20 MPH and they also hand out a lot of speeding tickets on MO 210 in their Jurisdiction.

5.  OVERLAND PARK, KS:  Anywhere on Antioch especially North Bound after the Bridge over I-435, the speed drops to 35 MPH from 45 MPH in fact I was pulled over twice in the same day on Antioch.

4.  KANSAS CITY, KS & WESTWOOD:  Rainbow Boulevard, in KCKS down the hill around the KU Medical School and in Westwood by their Courthouse.

3.  LONE JACK, MO:  City of Lone Jack annexed part of 50 Hiway so they could generate speeding ticket Revenue.

2.  INDEPENDENCE, MO:  Truman Road off I-435 the speed limit on Truman Road is 35 MPH and the City of Independence and the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department hand out 1,000 upon 1,000 of speeding tickets especially down the Hill by the Grave Yard on Truman Road.

1.  LAKE LOTAWANA, MO:  Do not speed in Lake Lotawana inside the city limits or on E. Colbern Road or on MO 7, Lake Lotawana hands out more speeding tickets to unsuspecting speeders on MO 7 and Colber Road.


If you have gotten Speed Trapped in the Greater Kansas City Area, Tim Tompkins the KC TRAFFIC LAWYER can help in Kansas call 913-707-HELP (4357) or in Missouri Call 816-729-2606.  I can get your speeding charge amended to a non-moving violation so nothing will appear on your driving record or effect your employment or insurance rates.  Tim Tompkins is the KC TRAFFIC LAWYER.





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Prostitution & Solicitation, NEW KS Statue Buying Sexual Relations

Solicitation and the Law

In Kansas and Missouri and most of the United States, the crimes of Prostitution, Solicitation, Patronizing a Prostitute against the law. This isn’t Nevada where licensed prostitution houses are legal in some counties. Solicitation and Prostitution are serious offenses that carry life-changing consequences. Prostitution law makes it a crime to offer, agree to or engage in sexual activity for exchange of value or money. In the Kansas City Metro area, the “John”, as well as the prostitute, is aggressively prosecuted. First time offenses are usually charged as misdemeanors while subsequent offenses can be charged as felonies.

Call Girl or Escort

She may advertise as a Call Girl, a Personal Escort, or a Masseuse, but exchanging money for sexual activities is, without a doubt, prostitution! Participation on either end could result in a criminal conviction.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Thanks to sting operations, many solicitation and prostitution arrests are made in the Kansas City Metro Area. The KCTRAFFICLAWYER has defended clients from the following jurisdictions that operate stings in the Kansas City Metro Area: Kansas City, Missouri, (KCMO) Kansas City, Kansas, (KCK) Lenexa, Kansas, Merriam, Kansas, Overland Park, Kansas, Prairie Village, Kansas, Independence, Missouri.

At any given moment, innocent citizens with no criminal history often find themselves accused and arrested for Solicitation for Prostitution by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Massage parlors and escort services are under high scrutiny because of the long companionship encounters and temptation to ‘cross the line’.

Solicitation / Prostitution Penalties

Your life can radically change with a prostitution and solicitation offense. The penalties and consequences for these types of sexual offenses can be serious and include the following:

Fines & Fees
Court-Enforced Counseling
AIDS Testing
Community Service
Public humiliation
Loss of employment (for those with licenses or security clearances)
Immigration Consequences

If you have been charged with solicitation or prostitution charge in the Kansas City Metro Area, you need qualified and experienced legal counsel on your side. Contact the KCTRAFFICLAWYER who can give you a solid chance of avoiding a solicitation / Prostitution conviction. Call 913-707-4357 (Kansas) or 816-729-2606 (Missouri) for a FREE, confidential consultation.





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Kctrafficlawyer's Blog

If you have been pulled over for speeding in Kansas or Missouri give the KCTRAFFICLAWYER a call NOW.  In Kansas call (913) 707-4357; in Missouri call (816) 729-2606.  

Never pay a ticket or plea guilty to a moving violation, Do what smart people of all walks of life do, they call an experienced Traffic Lawyer to handle the speeding ticket.  Why hire a lawyer?   Because a lawyer can resolve that ticket in many cases without you ever going to court, and resolving it in a way that the ticket will never hit your driving record.  

Simple speeding tickets can lead to license suspension, increased insurance rates and even loss of employment.  A drivers license is a privilege, not a right, and Missouri and Kansas have enacted laws that can take that privilege away, if you violate the law.  I have been handling traffic cases in the Kansas…

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KCMO Police Prostitution Solicitation Sting Ad: If Arrested Call KCTrafficlawyer Now 913-707-4357

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KCMO Police Prostitution Solicitation Sting Ad:  If Arrested Call KCTrafficlawyer Now 913-707-4357

The KCMO Police Vice Squad has been doing monthly prostitution, Solicitation Stings in the Plaza Area at the Holiday Inn this Month. this “Do Not Show the Face” ad is from the Sting January which was done at a hotel close to the airport. The Stings for the past two months have used the same phone number 816-522-0368.
If you were arrested in a Prostitution Sting and you found the faceless ad enticing Call Tim Tompkins the KCTrafficlawyer, and I can help you out of this mess, Strict Confidentiality at 913-707-4357.

Remember my Three Commandments:

1. Stay Away From Faceless Ads
2. If she is asking questions, or mentions condoms …. Leave
3. If arrested call Tim Tompkins 913-707-4357