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Olathe Electronic Speeding Ticket


HAVE YOU BEEN PULLED OVER BY A POLICE OFFICER IN BELTON, OLATHE, KANSAS CITY, KANSAS?  If  you have the Police Officer is giving you something that looks like a Wal-Mart Receipt.  It is the wave of the future, ELECTRONIC SPEEDING TICKETS, in the next few years the old hand written speeding tickets will be a thing of the past.    The REASON is the theory that E-Tickets reduce errors and a benefit being seen across the USA in jurisdictions that have the E-CITATION System is that, the eCitation system also allows officers to nab more offending drivers.


“The most significant productivity feature in the application allows users to perform a ‘make similar’ [function] to any ticket they have written,” said, “so subsequent tickets can be written very quickly, without having to re-enter data.”

Though writing tickets more quickly is a nice benefit, it wasn’t the goal of the system, he said, noting that the ultimate objective was to reduce the error rate and redundant entries. “When the full complement of officers is using the new eCitation system, a significant productivity improvement will be realized on the order of a 10 percent to 15 percent error and redundancy reduction.”

If you are caught Speeding in KCKS, Olathe, or Belton and more are on the way, and the Police Officer gives you a WAL-MART RECEIPT, that is just the new ECITATION or the ELECTRONIC SPEEDING TICKET.

Do not worry, because as Technology changes there is one thing that is constant, the experienced Law Office of Timothy R. Tompkins is here to fight for your rights, in fact, recently I was able to get two E-Tickets Dismissed Because of a Fatal Error.  If you are issued a Speeding Ticket Hand Written or Electronically Generated CALL THE KCTRAFFICLAWYER at (913) 707-HELP (4357) or (816) 729-2606.


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KCTRAFFICLAWYER™ CAN HANDLE ALL SPEEDING AND OTHER MINOR MOVING VIOLATIONS OVER THE PHONE, EMAIL, OR FAX.  YOU DO NOT NEED TO APPEAR IN COURT and Timothy R. Tompkins will handle your Minor Moving Violation (Speeding Ticket under 20mph, No Left Turn, No Turn Signal, Stop Sign, Traffic Light Violation) FOR: 


Court Information:
Address: 1101 Locust, Kansas City, Missouri 64105
Phone Number:  816.513.2700
Web Site:

General Information:  
Kansas City will amend speeding tickets to Defective Equipments.  A Defective Equipment is a non-moving violation and will not be reported to the Department of Revenue. 

Generally, Kansas City will not require the appearance of the Defendant on a speeding ticket.  This does not apply to people who were written a ticket for going 21 miles per hour or over.  If you are under the age of 21, you will be required to take the “Alive at Twenty-Five” class.

Costs paid to Court:
A defective equipment in Kansas City costs between $193.50 and $293.50, and is in addition to KCTRAFFICLAWYER’S FEE of $100.

Speeding Ticket Procedure:
You should already have a copy of a yellow ticket.  The ticket will generally say “mail-in” for the court date and your speed is denoted in the middle of the ticket. 

Kansas City generally gives people 45 days to send in the money or to request a not guilty court date.  After 14 days, you are sent a pink “reminder” that the ticket is due by a certain date. 

If you choose to pay the speeding ticket, you will be assessed points which is reflected on your driving record.  This may affect your insurance rates, your employment, your ability to drive, and your future financial security.

CALL KCTRAFFFICLAWYER™ to handle that ticket before the due date on the “pink reminder” notice, if you fail to act a warrant will be issued.

MO:  816-729-2606

KS:  913-707-4357


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The KCTRAFFICLAWYER, the Law Office of Timothy R. Tompkins handles all types of  Misdemeanors in the Kansas City Metro Area, but one charge  that is on the rise  is Solicitation Charge or Patronizing a Prostitute.  The following jurisdictions operate stings in the Kansas City Metro Area:  Kansas City Missouri, Kansas City, Kansas, Lenexa, Kansas, Merriam, Kansas, Overland Park, Kansas, Independence, Missouri.  The Kc Traffic Lawyer has represented clients in all the above jurisdictions on the charges of either Patronizing a prostitute or Solicitation.  By far, the biggest sting operation is Kansas City, Missouri, followed by Overland Park,  and there playbook is always the same.  The Vice Squad places an ad in either Pitch Weekly’s or Craigslist or both.  Here is a couple of  ad headlines:


OPKS STING:  NO MORE COLD SHOWERS…COME CHILL WITH JASMIE for an HOUR -w4m-19 (opk/johnson county** 1st Timer Friendly

Both ads represented prices that are either below or average for market pricing in Kansas City and both ads left the face to the imagination.  Once the client arrives at the Hotel or aprtment, the Police decoy or informant tries to get the client to talk,  Then after the conversation and the Police decoy believes that the illegal activity has been agreed upon or money has been placed on the nightstand or table, the Police Decoy heads to the bathroom to get more comfortable, while Police storm the room.

If you have been caught in this type of sting you need Legal experience that counts, call Timothy R. Tompkins at (913) 707-4357 or (816) 729-2606. 

Remember my three commandments: 

 1.  Avoid ads that are incall only and  never show the face;

2.  Remember if it is a legitimate provider, they know what you want, if she is asking a lot of questions run;

3.  If the Police arrest you Remain Silent, anything you say can be used against you in a court of law.

Kansas City Missouri Solicitation, Overland Park patronizing a prostiutue, Kansas City, Kansas solicitation, Lenexa Patronizing a prostitute, Independence solicitation

Always avoid ads that say anything about 1st time for example  No More Cold Showers . . . Come Chill with Jasmie (opk/johnson county** 1st Timer Friendly).  Also, Lenexa & Overland Park are known to use known providers that have been previously arrested, so beware or give the KCTRAFFICLAWYER a call at (913) 707-4357.


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If you have been pulled over for speeding in Kansas or Missouri give the KCTRAFFICLAWYER a call NOW.  In Kansas call (913) 707-4357; in Missouri call (816) 729-2606.  

Never pay a ticket or plea guilty to a moving violation, Do what smart people of all walks of life do, they call an experienced Traffic Lawyer to handle the speeding ticket.  Why hire a lawyer?   Because a lawyer can resolve that ticket in many cases without you ever going to court, and resolving it in a way that the ticket will never hit your driving record.  

Simple speeding tickets can lead to license suspension, increased insurance rates and even loss of employment.  A drivers license is a privilege, not a right, and Missouri and Kansas have enacted laws that can take that privilege away, if you violate the law.  I have been handling traffic cases in the Kansas City Metro area for over 10 years, each year the KCTRAFFICLAWYER handles over 1,000 speeding tickets each year serving all counties throughout Kansas & Missouri.  Do what my clients do, call Timothy R. Tompkins at (913) 707-4357 or (816) 729-2606, most cases can be handled over the phone with a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, & American Express), and without you ever going to court.

The KCTRAFFICLAWYER takes the worry away when you see those red lights flashing in your rear view mirror, Tim Tompkins is always there to protect your license.  You only have one drivers license, use the best, experienced traffic lawyer in Kansas City, Tim Tompkins, the KCTRAFFICLAWYER.