Olathe Electronic Speeding Ticket


HAVE YOU BEEN PULLED OVER BY A POLICE OFFICER IN BELTON, OLATHE, KANSAS CITY, KANSAS?  If  you have the Police Officer is giving you something that looks like a Wal-Mart Receipt.  It is the wave of the future, ELECTRONIC SPEEDING TICKETS, in the next few years the old hand written speeding tickets will be a thing of the past.    The REASON is the theory that E-Tickets reduce errors and a benefit being seen across the USA in jurisdictions that have the E-CITATION System is that, the eCitation system also allows officers to nab more offending drivers.


“The most significant productivity feature in the application allows users to perform a ‘make similar’ [function] to any ticket they have written,” said, “so subsequent tickets can be written very quickly, without having to re-enter data.”

Though writing tickets more quickly is a nice benefit, it wasn’t the goal of the system, he said, noting that the ultimate objective was to reduce the error rate and redundant entries. “When the full complement of officers is using the new eCitation system, a significant productivity improvement will be realized on the order of a 10 percent to 15 percent error and redundancy reduction.”

If you are caught Speeding in KCKS, Olathe, or Belton and more are on the way, and the Police Officer gives you a WAL-MART RECEIPT, that is just the new ECITATION or the ELECTRONIC SPEEDING TICKET.

Do not worry, because as Technology changes there is one thing that is constant, the experienced Law Office of Timothy R. Tompkins is here to fight for your rights, in fact, recently I was able to get two E-Tickets Dismissed Because of a Fatal Error.  If you are issued a Speeding Ticket Hand Written or Electronically Generated CALL THE KCTRAFFICLAWYER at (913) 707-HELP (4357) or (816) 729-2606.






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